Abode by Cereal: The master bedroom

"Here, sleep is awarded the respect it deserves."

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, opined Shakespeare. “And our little life is rounded with a sleep.” Somewhere along the timeline of history, we started to view sleep as something less than a rounding; more something to be given into, to be squeezed into the city’s most dormant hours, bookended by fast living. A string of public figures boast of their ability to exist—thrive even—on little levels of snooze time. “Wake up! That’s your life passing you by!” the world seems to scream at us.

But not the creatives behind the Abode apartment at Waterman Gardens. Designed by Conran + Partners and styled by Cereal magazine, afternoon snoozes may be taken in the living space’s fluffy sheepskin Bruno Mathsson day bed, but the main act is an altogether more serious affair.

Photography: Rich Stapleton

Your journey to another, wakeless realm begins at the start of a dimly lit corridor. As you enter, the frenetic energy you threw on this morning immediately falls away. Caffeine, calls, creativity, chaos, the constant chatter and clatter of the city doing its thing—here, they all simply cease to be.

A satisfying clunk of a solid wood door and you’ve arrived at your place of renewal, of restoration, another world, oblivious to the one speeding by behind the shutters, where all that exists is you and your well-deserved rest.

Photography: Rich Stapleton

The bedroom, you may have gathered, is where you’re standing now. To be specific, in the master bedroom of the Abode apartment, designed by Conran + Partners, styled by Cereal magazine and represented by agent Aucoot.

Perhaps you’re not tired yet. A bath then. Lower yourself into the tub in the master en-suite where the soothing heat takes the edge off your wakefulness. Back inside, you’ll make your final journey of the day. As you move between walk-in wardrobe and double sink, you’re thinking about nothing but making your ablutions, maybe laying out tomorrow’s outfit.

Photography: Rich Stapleton

But behind the scenes, the Abode apartment is at work, its colour schemes, form and objects send out subliminal messages that dreaming is nigh. Artworks peer out of the semi-darkness, but provide only the mildest stimulation for your dimming senses as you inch ever closer to total sanctuary. Dark walls and black ash bespoke wardrobe doors by Bjarke A. Kvich of Woodenmind mimic the night sky.

Photography: Rich Stapleton

Note the absence harsh corners—the soft, subtle curves of mirror, lampshade and vase, speaking of gently drifting away.

As you slide beneath the sheets, protected from noise, light and life, the solid wood bed whispers to the darkest corners of your unconscious mind. It’s time to close your eyes and slip away, to wake in a few hours renewed, rejuvenated, ready to step once more into the light.