The Peninsulist meets Molly Goddard

Only four years ago, Molly Goddard was a Central Saint Martin’s graduate; now her label is worn by the likes of Rhianna, fashion-obsessive turned international blogger Susie Bubble and model Agnes Dean – who wore Molly’s signature tulle dress down the aisle.

Her pieces are avant-garde, delightfully playful, and wearable on and off the catwalk, so her recent rise is no surprise. In December she won the Emerging Talent category at the British Fashion Awards and she’s just announced a Topshop collaboration, so now you can get yourself some Molly shoes. Yes, they do look perfect with her dresses.

‘What I Like’ is Molly Goddard’s first fashion installation, and it’s at the NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula. 7-foot tulle dresses have been hung from the ceiling for visitors to sew whatever they like. Football slogans, faces, doodles of the birds and the bees – anything goes. We caught up with her for our first ever Peninsulist Meets and we talked embroidery, emails and Rhianna.


Molly’s exhibition ‘What I Like’ is at the NOW Gallery until 22 February 2017.